Indy Star Article

Cover Story: The Indy Star!

On Monday, Oct. 30, we made the cover of the Business section — will wonders never cease!

Reporter Dana Knight and photographer Alan Petersime stopped by the office to have a chat and look around the place.

The article captures the essence of what we’re all about — hardcore technology, stunning photography, and a beautiful union of the two. Dana did her homework: there were a few quotes from current clients who had really great things to say: thank you! Alan did his part, too, although we’d prefer to be on the other side of the camera!

FoldingBench 360

Benches that fold!

One of our international clients,, has found a great way to showcase their products’ portability.

With our technology, we’re able to show the full process — from open to close, and back — of their folding benches.

With multiple color and pattern options, their selection is limited only by their customers’ needs. And with PhotoSpherix, they’re able to better convey their product variety and functionality, all the while bringing interactivity to their site. Visit them online at


360 view of an infant

Sound can change everything!

We have the ability to show your product from every angle, giving you a photo representation of your object in 3-d. This will catch your customers eye. With PhotoSpherix’s Adobe Flash based Object VR viewer, you can add sound as well.

We have included a link to an example with sight and sound. Click here to listen to Molly as she plays in her child seat.


A walk down Main Street

We took a walk down Main Street in Beech Grove. Here is the current images available from this home town in Indiana. This virtual tour helps you walk through the heart of the town within the city. Just 5 miles from Downtown Indianapolis, you can have the feeling of a “Hometown” from Indiana with all of the positives of a larger city.

Over the next few months we will be imaging all of Beech Grove. The goal is to have a full visual history before the changes to our town start. The Mayor has many changes lined up that will greatly change the Main Street Feel for the better.

Click here to walk down main street