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Using our proprietary system for ecommerce
photography, your company can increase sales,
engage more customers, reduce returns,
generate more awareness and

stand out from the crowd.

Save Time

PhotoSpherix can save you time by managing your 360 product photography for you.

Free support

We are not just here to photography your products, we will help you deploy the images as well.

It’s not Rocket Science

With 3 easy steps, it is not rocket science to include 360 photography to your porudct online.

Start your own photographic revolution now!

We are 100% devoted to making your products the hero, generating more traffic to help your business grow.

We make a big deal out of small products. 360 Views give customers more control and more detail using our zoom and spin techniques.

From watches to microwaves, from car parts to lawn darts, Photospherix can create stunning displays for everyday products.

We love large. Bespoke challenges are the backbone of our 360 product photography and we’ve shot some unfeasibly large products in superb detail. From cars to couches and tables. If it can be moved, we can find a way to photograph it.

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Latest News

Automate your product photography

Automate your workflow

For creation of 360 product photography, we at PhotoSpherix work on Mac computers and we create our 360's through Garden Gnomes Object2vr. This has worked great through the years for creation, but when we moved to a more automated environment for some of our clients, we ran into troubles.
LED Hot Lamp

Faster and more nimble with LED hot lamps.

This week we received new led hot lamps for one of our 360 product rigs. This is a major change from our usual method of operation. For over 20 years, we have been using strobe photography to generate our 360 views, but the times are changing and we thought that we should try some new technology.
360-Spin ImageryPhotospherix

5 common misconceptions about 360-Spin Imagery

Before we go any further, let’s get our definitions straight. When I refer to 360-Spin Imagery, I mean product shots that can be manipulated by the user to see all the way around, underneath and over-the-top.
boxes of products

Boxes are always the beginning of a new shoot.

It is great to see a stack of boxes come into the studio. It is like Christmas, but on a regular day. Part of the fun of starting a new shoot with so many different types of products is that you see something different everyday. This week 11…
360 spin photography

Trade shows, and what you don't know about that presentation.

When I was a child, I would go to the Flower and Patio show with dad. Other times, we might make it to a swap meet or two in the summer, no matter where it was, I would always see a few vendors that were selling the "next best thing". Over the last decade, I have felt that way from time to time with 360 spin photography.
360 Animated GIF

Community outreach, Girl Scouts Cookie Season and 360 Product Photography

It has been an interesting week at the studio. We had a great evening with a troop of Girl Scouts that wanted to learn about photography. Sometimes we love a little community outreach. It also happened to be girl Scout cookie season, so we combined photography, marketing and cookies.