360 Photography on Shopify

We are proud to announce that we are adding our product 360 view services to the world of Shopify. This is a great meld of our world of photography and the online merchants of Shopify. We hope that this model will make it possible for Shopify to help the merchants better showcase their products.

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PhotoSpherix has over 20 years of 360 product photography experience Based in the heartland of America, our studio is set up to manage small, medium and large items – from a contact lens to an automobile. We have always enjoyed a reputation for creating better product photography for our customers and today we specialize in rotating product photography for our clients around the corner or around the world.

Magic Toolbox – Magic 360 Spin

Magic toolbox has a great and easy to use plugin for 360 Photography on Shopify. This are the guys that started one of the best plugins for deep zoom back in the early days. They have branched out and created Magic 360 Spin to help customers ad great photography such as PhotoSpherix to their online product display.

From Magic 360 Spin

About Magic 360 spin on Shopify

Magic 360 is the ultimate way to display products on your store.

Show customers every detail of your product with 360-degree spin. Customers can even zoom-in and enlarge to full-screen too.

Why 360 degree?

Why have mega-retailers adopted 360 degree spins for their websites?

  • Immediate confidence:

Increases sales by removing any doubts about the product.

  • Save time:

Eliminates a high percentage of customer questions, easing pressure on your customer service team.

  • Fewer returns:

Customers are unlikely to send an item back (because they know what they’re buying).