Panoramic Photography at the fair

Panoramic Photography

We have been photographing locations in the mid-west with Panoramic imaging for years. This is a great medium for locations, but not so good for products. That being said, one of our photographers loves Panoramic Photography for locations, and he is always ready for a new challenge.

What is 360 Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic phtoography is the creation of an image that is wider than standard format. 360 Panormaic images are created through a process of photographing a location with a camera on a camera mount that enables the camera to be rotated 360 degrees around the center axis. Then the images need to be sticked together to create on all seeing image. Once these images are created, we display the images with an html5 player in a webpage, or add them to your social media locations.

Panoramic photography is one of those photographic technics that we have to be on location to create the iamges. We are located in Central Indiana, and we travel about 150 miles from our studio to create 360 Panormatic images for our customers. This started with photography for some of the home builders here in the Indianapolis area, and grew to many other location types. To date, our most enjoyed shoot was up in the Chicago area taking pictures of one of the many oil refineries. With this shoot, we also had to utalize helicopters and hanging rigs to create the image that was desired.