Small Object 360 views

360 Product views allow users to examine an object by rotating and tilting the object to provide a full 360° view. They provide users the opportunity to learn more about an object using VR photography– the shape, the material, and the size. Adobe flash based object VRs are created by viewing a series of images one after another generating an artificial 3-D view. These are perfect for learning more about the object from a marketing, informational, training, or educational perspective. They come in multiple setups, below are three examples. click here for a matrix view of offerings by class and type. (single row, multi row)

Why we separate by size.

The process of creating 360 product photography/360 views has 3 things that change the costs involved in generating the final 360 product rotation.

The first thing that we always have to ask is “What is the size of the items?”. This is because the process is different for different items. Some of our 360 product rotation rigs are for things that are as small as jewelry and other macro photography items. The next rig is for items of a tabletop size, think of these as the size of a toaster to a microwave. Then you have the larger rig an this is for the items that are larger than a microwave, but smaller than a stand-up freezer. Now for those that have an item larger than a freezer, we can still help you out, but we will be limited in what can be done! No matter what, we can not do a full multi-row, that is a view from the top of the item all the way to the bottom of the item when it is larger than a Freezer, sorry, we can only go from the horizon to the north pole of the item.

Once we know the size, we have to ask “What is the finish on the item?”. This is a simple question, but it has to be handled in different ways. Chrome reacts differently than matte black plastic. The surface will need to be handled differently, the preparation of the item is different as well. A glass item will have to be handled with lint-free gloves, but an iron can be handled with standard gloves. Remember, we do not want to have any fingerprints on the items.

The last question is always “How many Rows?” Every day, we have customers ask about a full multi-row object 360 and all they want is a single-row 360 product view. Don’t get us wrong, we love to make multi-row 360s, when they are done correctly, they are a great thing to see and play with, they draw the customer into the product and make it possible for them to see every angle. That being said, we have to shoot every angle of the item. We will be photographing the item from 200 – 400 angles. Then all of the images need to be post-processed. This takes time and energy, that is why a multi-row is so high in cost. Think of it this way, we can produce 10 – 20 single-row products in the time it takes to create 1 Full multi-row 360.