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The Indiana State Museum has teamed up with PhotoSpherix to create their virtual galleries. With our on-site photo studio, it was possible to produce 360 imagery without the cost or inconvenience of shipping these un replaceable products.

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J. Mugele is a social networking outreach coordinator and content writer for The Indianapolis Children’s Museum and Angie’s List.

PhotoSpherix Creates Virtual Galleries For Indiana State Museum

Beech Grove, Indiana – PhotoSpherix has completed new education and outreach initiatives for the Indiana State Museum. The 360 product photography studio coordinated an extensive photo shoot for museum exhibits not currently on display. PhotoSpherix captured thirty items in two days, ranging from the second oldest baseball to a mastodon skull, which are slated to become part of the museum’s new virtual galleries.

The Indiana State Museum staff worked together to manipulate exhibit pieces for the PhotoSpherix shoot, which required creating an onsite studio to safely manage the size of the items as well as control lighting. According to Matt Smith, project director, “The on-location shooting made it possible for the museum to have exhibits photographed without risking damage to them during a move. There was also no cost of shipping.” This project hopes to make possible grants and funding opportunities, showcase items not on the museum floor, and make Indiana history available to educators and collectors.

The Indiana State Museum, located in White River State Park, strives to bring the best of the museum world to Indiana. The virtual galleries will add to the museum’s three floors of core galleries, which tell Indiana’s story through art, science and culture.

PhotoSperix provides 360 degree product photography to organizations in the high technology, retail, health care, financial, and academic sectors, in order to visually tell a story of their varying products, collections and services.

All of the current images can be viewed at https://www.photospherix.com/ism-list.aspx


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