360 View for Amazon

Type: Amazon 360 product view

Shots: 72 Images

Timeline: Up to 40 Products per day

This is a great example of the new Amazon 360 product view option on the Amazon Marketplace. This is the same standard technology that PhotoSpherix has been using for years, but the file naming is just a little different. For your files to comply with the Amazon naming structure, they will need to be in a folder named with your ASIN, then the files will need to be named YourASIN_360_THENUBMEROF THE FILE_web.png. It is just that easy!

Step 1: Photography 

  1. Prepare the ASIN for photography as you would normally, removing any product packaging. Do not include props along with the product.
  2. Position the ASIN at the center of a turntable that has been indexed at every 5°.
  3. Use seamless background paper beginning below the turn table and curving up and behind the ASIN.
  4. Position the camera on a tripod at an appropriate distance from the ASIN.
  5. Choose an elevation angle that appropriately showcases the product. Stay within 10-30° range.
  6. Set your camera to manual mode so that your focus and exposure settings are consistent for all 72 photos.
  7. The first photo should showcase the ASIN at a 0° angle (facing straight on to the camera).
  8. Rotate counter-clockwise as you take each photo.

Step 2: Retouch 

  1. Remove any background details from all 72 images.
  2. If you apply color balance or any other filters, make sure you apply the same adjustments uniformly across all 72 images.
  3. Crop each image such that the dimensions are square. Make sure the center of rotation is the center of each image.
  4. Resize images to maximum 2,500px, minimum 1,500px.
  5. Save in .png format.

Step 3: File Naming 

  1. Individual .png files must follow this format: <ASIN>_360__web.png where is the Amazon Standard Identification Number for the product and is the 0-index, zero-padded integer representing the sequence of the image in its rotation. The first file will have 0000 and the last file will have 0071 as the sequence number.
  2. The sequence should match the counter-clockwise rotation in which the images were captured.

Step 4: Send to Amazon 

  1. Organize the files into the following directory structure.
└─── B01N32NCPM (.zip folder)

└─── B01N32NCPM _360 (folder)







  1. Package the files into a .zip file, retaining the directory structure. Name the .zip file using the ASIN (e.g. B01N32NCPM.zip).

Ensure that the _360 folder (containing the assets) is compressed into a .zip and the resulting folder renamed as just .