Lake 33 Touch Wallet 360 Product Images

Type: 360 Product Images

Shots: 40 Images

Timeline: Up to 40 Products per day

A great product and we had a great time on this shoot. We never knew that you could cover the touch screen on a phone or tablet and still get the touch response. The ladies at Lake33 are great to work with and they are always working on new handbags and clutches for everyones needs.

We didn’t just shoot their 3d product photography, we also shot their product photography!

PhotoSpherix has over 20 years of 360 product photography experience Based in the heartland of America, our studio is set up to manage small, medium and large items – from a contact lens to an automobile. We have always enjoyed a reputation for creating better product photography for our customers and today we specialize in rotating product photography for our clients around the corner or around the world.