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Automate your workflow

For creation of 360 product photography, we at PhotoSpherix work on Mac computers and we create our 360’s through Garden Gnomes Object2vr. This has worked great through the years for creation, but when we moved to a more automated environment for some of our clients, we ran into troubles.

Faster and more nimble with LED hot lamps.

This week we received new led hot lamps for one of our 360 product rigs. This is a major change from our usual method of operation. For over 20 years, we have been using strobe photography to generate our 360 views, but the times are changing and we thought that we should try some new technology.

Boxes are always the beginning of a new shoot.

It is great to see a stack of boxes come into the studio. It is like Christmas, but on a regular day. Part of the fun of starting a new shoot with so many different types of products is that you see something different everyday. This week 11 boxes came in from a clothing manufacturer, […]

Trade shows, and what you don’t know about that presentation.

When I was a child, I would go to the Flower and Patio show with dad. Other times, we might make it to a swap meet or two in the summer, no matter where it was, I would always see a few vendors that were selling the “next best thing”. Over the last decade, I have felt that way from time to time with 360 spin photography.

Imajize 360 photography

We have been working with the guys at Imajize since 2012 on their online viewer of 360 product photography. Here are a couple examples of the options that they have available.    

360 Photography on Shopify

360 Photography on Shopify We are proud to announce that we are adding our product 360 view services to the world of Shopify. This is a great meld of our world of photography and the online merchants of Shopify. We hope that this model will make it possible for Shopify to help the merchants better […]

Goggle has 360 views in Shopping

Google 360 views After reading an interesting article at Searchengineland.com about 360 views, I starting to see the need for more and more 3d images on our customers sites. Google, one of the largest online store platforms is adding functionality that the smaller (and that is everyone) sites are not competing with. We at PhotoSpherix have […]

YouTube now supports 360-degree video on desktop and mobile

An exciting news announcement has been made by the team at YouTube that affects everyone responsible for online marketing promotion. YouTube now supports 360-degree video, although currently only available for the Chrome browser the company says iOS support is coming soon. Right now, there are only a few 360-degree videos available to watch so now […]

Aerial Photography in Indiana

We start with a helicopter, a camera and a pre-planned shoot. The client needed a shot for the side of their trailer, and they wanted to show some of their work. After the image was stitched together, we had a VERY large image. This final file was over 50 ft at 300 dpi and that […]

Magento and 360 product views

As much as we love Magento as a great ecommerce platform, one of the basic functions that we would love to see implemented is 360 product photography. We have been watching for years that online stores want the technology, but they are not ready for the headache of the technology. This is a great update […]

Back from the west coast

After a trip to the west coast, i had time to spare on the plane. I did a little thinking and here is what I cam up with.

The photography industry is crazy, it is fickle and it is needed. How many products are on the market today? How do they stand out from their nearest neighbor? How do they get to market? and How do they get in the hands on consumers? All of these questions have different answers depending on the item that is in questions, but they all have the same cycles, needs, and expectations.

Multi-Row 360’s

Sometimes you want to show every angle of your product. Other times you want it to stand out beyond everyone else in the market. Multi-row 360’s are a great way to showcase your products. Let the user play with the product online. They can see it through every twist and turn. The process is not […]

Bringing action to a still life

Navy Federal has added a great interface to their different offerings. With the help of the staff at Fitgerald + CO, They have a still life of their offerings that evyone can take for a spin. This is a change for the guys at PhotoSpherix. We have done so many single items, that we had […]

Different 360 Viewers, Different Platforms…

A great new client came to us the other day. They have a product that the staff at PhotoSpherix knew nothing about, and they wanted to showcase the product. After looking up the description of the product(Exercise Machine), we starting the photography.Yowza Fitness wanted the final version of the 360 spins to be showcased in Magic Toolboxes […]

Product Shots, well Yeah!

The team at Easley Winery wanted us to shoot their new-look bottles for their launch and we were happy to oblige. this is one client that we don’t mind doing stock-for-work arrangements with! Photospherix is one of the country’s leading product shot studios and whether you need stills or 360 product shots, we would love […]

360 shots are getting Archived!

The Indiana State Museum has teamed up with PhotoSpherix to create their virtual galleries. With our on-site photo studio, it was possible to produce 360 imagery without the cost or inconvenience of shipping these un replaceable products. Click here to read the full press release by: J. Mugele is a social networking outreach coordinator and content writer for The Indianapolis […]

Hotspots are all the buzz

Eva-Dry came to photospherix with a problem. Their customers loved their products, but a new customer just didn’t get it. They wanted a way to demonstrate their product online. They wanted the user to hold the product in their hands and examine it. They also needed to tell the story of how the product works. […]

Growing with every product

This project for Sanyo BioMedical is a great example of taking the technology of 3d product photography and including it into a full flash site for a new or existing product. The group at Sanyo wanted to find a way get more heat for the release of their new incubator. They come to PhotoSpherix for […]

We Keep Getting Bigger

The Work and the rigs are growing. This summer, PhotoSpherix added an 8ft platform to the list of rotation devices available in the studio. This platform holds up to 2000lbs with a rotation resolution of 48 stops per rotation. This makes it possible to get that great shot of you larger object. TV’s, refridgerators, lawn […]


More and more PhotoSpherix is getting requests for alternate uses of our rotational imaging. RCA request that we photograph there new line of LCD and Plasma displays. The images were used as an art element on their site. Additionally they were used in the online catalog of products. Here is a link to the RCA site with the cutting […]

Better, brighter, BIGGER

The Emerson Avenue project in Beech Grove is now complete. We’ve updated the site with full-screen high-res panoramas — it’s the next best thing to being there, from every location and every angle. Want to see all of Beech Grove, up close and personal? No need to walk, just kick off your shoes and enjoy […]

Museum-quality coding

You hear the term “museum-quality” as a reference to the top of the top, the cream of the crop. So it’s a very nice complement when a museum says that about PhotoSpherix. Matt got called in at the 11th hour to do some serious coding to keep a monster panorama up and running for the […]

From panels to pillows (and then some)

What started out as wall panels has evolved into pillows and more. We’ve mentioned the good folks at inhabit before – see the previous news note below. This time around we were asked to shoot their entire product line, including pillows, bed linens, wall pieces, and more. For the inhabit folks, it’s a way to […]

The ol’ “polar bear in a snowstorm” trick

The good folks at inhabit have some amazing interior items … many of them are nearly white and very tough to photograph normally. That’s where we come in. Their wall panels are revolutionary, and the only way to get a sense of their style and texture is to spin ’em around, PhotoSpherix-style. Go have a […]

Cover Story: The Indy Star!

On Monday, Oct. 30, we made the cover of the Business section — will wonders never cease! Reporter Dana Knight and photographer Alan Petersime stopped by the office to have a chat and look around the place. The article captures the essence of what we’re all about — hardcore technology, stunning photography, and a beautiful […]

Benches that fold!

One of our international clients, FoldingBench.com, has found a great way to showcase their products’ portability. With our technology, we’re able to show the full process — from open to close, and back — of their folding benches. With multiple color and pattern options, their selection is limited only by their customers’ needs. And with […]

Sound can change everything!

We have the ability to show your product from every angle, giving you a photo representation of your object in 3-d. This will catch your customers eye. With PhotoSpherix’s Adobe Flash based Object VR viewer, you can add sound as well. We have included a link to an example with sight and sound. Click here to listen […]

A walk down Main Street

We took a walk down Main Street in Beech Grove. Here is the current images available from this home town in Indiana. This virtual tour helps you walk through the heart of the town within the city. Just 5 miles from Downtown Indianapolis, you can have the feeling of a “Hometown” from Indiana with all […]