Innovative MidWest product photography agency launches free 360 degree product movies campaign.

Innovative MidWest product photography agency launches free 360 degree product movies campaign.

PhotoSpherix, one of the country’s leading rotational product photo studios is on a mission to prove the power of its spinning product shots online. The agency is offering manufacturers and retailers a free 360 degree photo ‘movie’ as part of a research study into the commercial benefits of rotational shots over standard photography.

“We’re giving a little something back to companies by offering this service free of charge, no strings attached. We’re putting together the most comprehensive research study into the commercial benefits of using 360 degree shots online and we need volunteers.” Said Matt Smith CEO of PhotoSpherix.

“There is a misconception that 360 degree shots are expensive but we have always believed that although they might cost slightly more than standard photography, consumers not only get closer to products by being able to see it from all angles but companies can literally place the products into the customer’s hands online, overcoming one of the biggest barriers to sale on the internet.”

The agency hopes to use the findings of the campaign to produce comparative data on the sales of products without 360 shots against those with. “It’s down to economies of scale, the more products we shoot, the lower the price. One day this will become standard practice, making web sites more interactive and creating a closer bond between the retailer and the customer.” Said Smith.

All companies need to do is send PhotoSpherix a maximum of one product – which must be between 4” – 24” in size and within 10 working days, the agency will send back a rotational product shot for use online, or in presentations and advertising materials. It should be a self-standing product and companies will need to handle the shipping. All free 360 shots will carry a discreet PhotoSpherix logo and must be available for use by the agency for promotional purposes.

“It’s very simple and if you like how it looks, for a small fee you can purchase the final file without copyright.”

Once the study is complete, PhotoSpherix will also send you a copy of the findings free of charge so that web designers and clients can prove the benefits of using rotational photography online.

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