Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. These will help you through the process of having products photographed.

What will be the use of these 360 spins? Online Store, Product Display, Presentations, Video
What will be the final deliverable size of the artwork? 300×300, 400×400, 600×600
Do you need a static web resolution or Print resolution shot of the product? If so what size?
Do you need protection added to the file so that other sites cannot show the product shot?
Do you want to show the product or do you want to inform the user about the product?
How many products are you going to have photographed?
How long will you be using the images?
What timeframe do you have to complete the project?

Start Here!

Defining the type of photography needed and the amount of post-processing, helps PhotoSpherix offer a package that fits your needs. It does not help you to have a $450 product shot when all you need is a $100 shot. The correct functionality allows PhotoSpherix to achieve the desired effect. With the PhotoSpherix Bronze, Silver and Gold classes of photography, we are helping you compare our services to other providers. Please click here to see a listing of our different packages with pricing and offerings. If you have an RFP or RFQ that you would like PhotoSpherix to participate in, please click here and fill out the online form.


To reduce the costs of the overall project, we recommend that you have your shipping department manage the delivery process to our office. PhotoSpherix can handle this step in the process if need be.


Once the product is received by PhotoSpherix, it is cataloged and input into our system. This helps in reducing loss and generates a tracking number for each specific product within a project. This product number is used by the staff at PhotoSpherix to track the current status of the product as well as it gives you the customer a reference number that makes the review process simpler and faster.

Product Preparation before Photographing

At this point the product is prepped for photography, depending on what package you the customer have chosen, this may be as simple as unpacking the product. For those products that need a little extra care, this step in the process will be included, steaming, ironing, fluffing, setting, staging, and/or rigging. All of these stages in the process help to create the best possible images for your 3D product pack shot.


Now the product is ready to be photographed. The product is loaded onto the proprietary rotating product system at the PhotoSpherix Studio. If the product requires a single row product shot, then the optimal angle of product rotation is determined so that the maximum product exposure can be shown in one rotation. If you the customer have a requested angle that you would prefer the product/s be photographed, that angle must be requested before photography begins. If the product is of the multi-row variety, then the product is placed on the apparatus and all angles needed to be photographed are generated.

Post Production and Review

Once the photography stage is completed, the first round of postproduction is completed on the product. A sampling of the product is made available for you the client to review. If you have chosen the “Silver” or “Gold” classes, the staff at PhotoSpherix will continue to refine the product photography after the first review. If you have chosen the “Bronze” class, then the final 360-product model will be made available for download.

Final Product Production

The flash file download stage is the final step in the process where the deliverable is available to you the client. In the bronze package, the final deliverable is one locked Flash .swf file with an additional help file for integration within your current site. Keep in mind that the help file is a standard file. It has suggestions for your Internet team of ways to include the Flash .swf file in your current architecture. The silver package includes additional samples in .asp and .php for ways to connect your file names to products so that a server engine has the ability to dynamically add the product 360 to your cart or other server-driven pages.

Repackaging and shipping

The final step in the process is to repack the product. Now we make it ready for your internal shipping department to generate shipping tags for your choice of carrier to receive the product and ship it back to you the customer.