Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reality AR are on the rise.

The growing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market is predicted to be worth around $2 trillion to the global economy within the next 10 years.


And as much as we all tend to think that this growth will be meeting the needs of gamers, as technology continues to push the envelope for entertainment, it opens doors for other real world applications.

A clever hack developed from the entertainment industry has turned the traditional Oculus VR headset into a Low Vision Assistive Device to help anyone with severe visual impairments.

Dennis McKinney, the entrepreneur behind Advanced Low Vision Technology has developed the gaming headset into a high powered, lightweight quality of life product that liberates low vision sufferers. The Patriot Viewpoint allows users to watch TV, read magazines, use a cell phone or computer, work sudoku challenges and more importantly, read food and medicine labels.

“Technology is overcoming the problems and addressing the needs of an ageing population,” says McKinney. “The Viewpoint is so easy to use and it has already been approved for use by the Veterans Administration but anyone with a low vision disability can improve their day-to-day activities.”

McKinney is speaking from personal experience, having seen how his own mother’s quality of life has improved by having the ability to read books or watch her favorite TV shows, using the immersive technology provided by the headset, without the need for the traditional prescribed goggles.

Patriot Viewpoint

Patriot Viewpoint

In terms of usability, McKinney says that during development of the Patriot Viewpoint, great efforts were taken to make controlling the device simple and intuitive, with swipe controls to increase magnification and access the on-screen menu, clear and simple built-in voice commands, text-to-speech functionality and eleven different Hi Contrast Color modes for full visual accessibility.

McKinney continues: “Businesses are starting to build a better understanding of VR technology and we have discovered ways to help it solve problems that low vision sufferers face.”

The Patriot Viewpoint is already helping to boost quality of life for sight-impaired patients and it’s now so easy to own your own system by simply calling Advanced Low Vision Technology direct at 765-994-5639, or visiting their web site at for additional information.

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