Quality control does not have to slow you down.

360 Photography for Quality control is a daunting task.

360 photography for quality control

We at PhotoSpherix deal with quality control every day in creating our 360 Photography, but not as much as the manufacturing industry does!

When we start a project, we come up with a plan for the photography for each product in a batch. This helps us to reduce reshoots that can bring us to a snail’s pace, but we never thought about the fact that what we do helps others be more efficient in the manufacturing industry.

A few months back we received a call from a new client and they had a novel problem. They wanted to use our photography at the end of their production line to confirm that each product was exactly like the originally specified product. We thought, sure we can give you a photographic example of your “Gold Master” and then your welders can reference that product without destroying it. You might lose a touchscreen or two through the years, but you will never need to have the original out of storage. This means that it will never get destroyed, and it is always there for reference.

Now keep in mind that these parts are mission-critical. If anything goes wrong with the part, the machine might fall from the sky, and these are the parts that are not redundant on the original machine. The other issue in manufacturing is that they might not make but five of these parts a year, and the production line can not remember where all of the welds, folds, and creases go. They need to have the master as a reference.

In comes 360 photography to fix the problem.

After photographing the product from every angle from top to bottom and in-between. We have a digital version of the true original, not a rendered replica of the product.

The welders now have a way to review the product while making the copy, the quality control expert has the 360 view for reference while reviewing the product and the client has the 360 view for reference as well.

By using the 360 views, the client has been able to gain repeat business, improve safety, reduce liability and increase customer loyalty, all with a little photography.

Are you ready to learn more about 360 product photography? Click here to see 360 Product photography Examples from PhotoSpherix. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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